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Rachel | Outdoors Hello

Hi Rachel, tell us about Outdoors Hello…

Outdoors Hello is an outdoors lifestyle brand with an aim to elevate your outdoor play. We design and craft Australian Made folding picnic tables made from sustainably sourced Australian Pine.

Where did you get the idea for the folding picnic table?

I’ve always loved the outdoors and picnicking. Then, I was on a career break when the covid pandemic hit and I took the opportunity to do Mia Freedman’s Lady Start Up course to nail a business idea. That’s when the idea for Outdoors Hello and my folding picnic tables came to fruition.

With covid-19 forcing people out of dining venues and spending more time at home and locally with family and friends, I wanted to help people create their own outdoor dining experience with stylish, portable convenience. I wanted to effortlessly elevate a picnic at the park, beach or

Outdoors Hello picnic table on grass

even in your own backyard so that you could avoid food and drink spills and enjoy the outdoors with your crew.

“The beauty of a picnic is that you choose your location, your view and there are no bookings, no time limits and there’s always plenty of space to enjoy.”

It was important to create a versatile, lightweight table that is the perfect accompaniment to elevate your wine and grazing board for a date or afternoon session with friends. Yet, it could just as easily keep your coffees and morning tea safe from spills on your park play date. By elevating outdoor play with style and stability you’d have the comfort to relax and enjoy the outdoors with your crew.

Holding foldable picnic table

Who manufactures the tables? Was there ever a temptation to create them overseas?

Our folding picnic tables are crafted in Brisbane into our unique design by a local custom furniture maker with over 40 years’ experience handcrafting quality timber furniture. The pieces are then hand finished by myself (sanding and oiling) and put together. 

The costs to manufacture overseas are certainly far cheaper yet we have the ability here in Australia to create a better-quality product and also support our local manufacturers and local businesses. By manufacturing our tables locally, we were able to refine our innovative design to ensure every detail is considered with the customer front of mind. The result, a truly unique and quality product that delivers on our promise to elevate outdoor play with style and stability.

Hanging picnic boards drying post polish

We love the only imported component of your tables are the screws! How come you chose to source Australian pine and what makes it sustainable? 

Yes, unfortunately we couldn’t find Australian made screws and hinges to fit, yet we’re still looking! We chose to manufacture our folding picnic tables locally so it was important to continue our support for Australian Made products by actually using Australian materials.

We chose Australian pine because plantation pine is sustainable as it grows quickly and can be replenished quickly with less impact on the environment. That’s why we love working with it. Plus, it’s naturally beautiful, eco-friendly and makes our tables truly an Australian Made product.

Why is being part of a community that supports Australian made important to you?

Australia has so much to offer in terms of local creatives and talented makers. I think it’s important to champion our Australian manufacturers to support and grow our local economy and promote our quality products both locally and abroad. Being part of a community that supports Australian made gives us confidence that we’re all working together and supporting each other.

While it sucks that the international boarders are closed, we are spoilt rotten with places to visit in this great country. What’s on your Australian bucket list?

We’d love to explore more of Tasmania after having a short family holiday there a couple of years ago. Living in QLD we’re spoilt for choices and there’s a few more driving holidays we’d love to visit within a few hours of Brisbane.

And lastly, what did you want to be when you were growing up?

At a young age I decided initially that I wanted to be a ballerina and I spent a solid 15+ years enjoying ballet, completing exams, dancing and performing. Whilst I didn’t become a ballerina as a profession I certainly learnt a lot from the discipline that has shaped my life to this day.

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