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What is Know Your Neighbour?

Know Your Neighbour is a boutique online platform showcasing the best in Australian made fashion, skincare and lifestyle. We are a humble community of makers and creators on a mission to show the nation that we all have the choice to consciously shop Australian.

From the tip of the Tiwi Islands to the bottom of Tasmania, Know Your Neighbour brings together a specially curated collection of unique brands you may not have found elsewhere. With a focus on quality over quantity and uniqueness over the mainstream, buying Australian made has never been easier!

You can be guaranteed that when you choose to buy from the Know Your Neighbour community, you are playing an important role in allowing everyday Australian’s live out their dream. Who knows, they might even be your neighbour…

Who is behind KYN?

KYN was founded by me, Laura Camilleri, a travel addicted, self-confessed work-a-holic and second generation Australian. Based in Melbourne, I’m a sucker for Friday night footy and would give anything to make first tracks down Mount Hotham in the winter.

As an avid market trawler and flag waver for local businesses, I always admired those who were Australian made. It made every purchase that little extra special.

So I challenged myself one Christmas to buy all my gifts Australian made and it was an absolute pain in the bum. I knew they were out there, I just couldn’t find them. I’m talking endless Googling, Instagramming and market hopping. I couldn’t help but imagine how much easier my life would be if they could all be found under one cyber-umbrella! So there it started, a flimsy idea back in 2019, but working as an Event Manager I never had the chance to give it much thought.

Cue the 2019/20 devastating bushfires (paired with a drought that I have never not know), ironic floods and the cherry on top, Corona Virus. Suddenly, I had a lot of spare time on my hands. My lockdown sanity project soon snowballed and turned into an addiction to find the best in Australian made.

When I started speaking to owners of these brands their passion became my passion and Know Your Neighbour was born.

Our Values.


We cherish our community and are excited to see you learn and grow with us.


Above all else we respect and appreciate honest
and transparent manufacturing.


We strive everyday to bring you unique Australian Made products.


Everyone should be able to access what Australia has to offer and we aim to make this as easy
as possible.

Meet Anwen!

The 2019/2020 eastern bushfires affected us all. The utter devastation of months of raging fires took its toll on the entire country as we mourned together. Approximately 6.7 million hectares by January 20 were burnt in VIC and NSW.

Along with the loss of human life, it is said that over ONE BILLION animals perished during this time in VIC and NSW alone.

A number incomprehensible.


As we Australian’s, do we rallied together donating millions of dollars and resources to fire ravaged towns and support services.

For us at KYN it was only fitting for us to play our small part by adopting a gorgeous koala by the name of Linr Anwen through Port Macquarie’s Koala Hospital. Pulled from the firegrounds at Lake Innes Nature Reserve, Anwen spent 5 months in the Hospital recovering from burns. We were thrilled to then find out that Anwen recovered from her injuries and was released back into the reserve on April 3, 2020!

Contact Us.

Whether you have a burning question or just want to say hello.

Email: hello@knowyourneighbour.com

Emails not your jam? Reach us on our social media accounts!


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We acknowledge the Wurundjeri people as the Traditional Custodians of the Land in which we operate. We would like to pay respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Elders past, present and future.

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