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These are the little bonus points you can find attached to our brands. Our way of helping you to shop your values.

 Created by the wonderful Shannon Mary Art!

Eco-Friendly | Sustainable.

Don’t you love when brands actively minimise their environmental impacts? Whether that be supporting plastic free, sourcing organic materials or embracing waste free methods.

Australian Materials.

There is something extra special about labels who incorporate Australian Made within their supply chains. From wrapping paper to cotton thread, brands must be using at least 60% Australian Made materials to be celebrated with this icon. It truly is the cherry on top!


Our charitable brands are either registered as social enterprises, not-for-profits or contribute a percentage of their profits to charity. So you receive quality products AND are helping to improve the world around us. That our friends, is the ultimate win-win!


No feathers were plucked, bunnies caged or sheep left in the cold to produce these items.

Ethical Clothing Australia logo

No fake news here! Our ethical listed brands are either individually certified through Ethical Clothing Australia or manufacture with a certified business.

ECA is an accreditation body that ensures Australian supply chains in the clothing, footwear and textile environment are legally compliant. This includes “workers being paid appropriately, receiving all their legal minimum entitlements and working in safe conditions throughout the entire supply chain” – Ethical Clothing Australia.

We acknowledge the Wurundjeri people as the Traditional Custodians of the Land in which we operate. We would like to pay respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Elders past, present and future.

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